About us


At MEWN Loans, our core objective and responsibility is to be an authority in so far as same day loans are concerned. We do realise that the bulk of individuals in the UK make decisions to apply for same day loans from an ignorant standpoint. This is something with serious ramifications and which has seen most individuals stuck in a debt cycle. We fully recognize the fact that a loan if taken at the right time and for the right reasons can indeed make a positive impact in a person’s life or rather get them out of a financial quagmire. However, most people take same day loans for all the wrong reasons and before they know it, they find themselves in a disadvantaged position in so far as debt is concerned.

At MEWN Loans, we endeavour to change this and aside from offering affordable same day loans, we also educate and enlighten our esteemed customers on the benefits of taking out same day loans, the risks, and the dangers, not to forget how to go about the whole process. We are a hub of information and our representatives are always at your beck and call to answer any teething questions you might have regarding loans in general. We guide you every step of the way as we believe that your success is also our success.